A new "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" project appeared

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have discovered another Animal Crossing Bells replication vulnerability. This is much more specific than the early failures that Nintendo patched in late March and is very easy to understand.

On Sunday, YouTube creators manually posted a video describing how to replicate the vulnerability. What you need to understand is that under this kind of failure, it seems that only 2x1 items can be used. Exclusively what you need to prepare: 2x1 table, such as low wooden table; 2x2 table, such as wooden table; and 2x1 items, such as TV or katana. Then you have to place the table in the middle of the original room of the house and then place the items on the smaller table. Press the down arrow on the controller to open the project placement mode. Choose a smaller table, and then move the item to the other side of the table without rotating it. Place the item slightly on the table, but keep it vertical, and rotate it automatically after placing it. Do this three times, then leave the room. When you return, you will find that the item has been copied.

The explanation is a bit confusing, so you need to watch the video (embedded above) to watch the actual operation. Use placement mode again to store the project, and then keep it. We have confirmed that it can indeed create duplicates.

It should be noted that this is not the intended purpose of the animal crossing plan, and some people will think that this is cheating. Nintendo may fix this, and there is no news yet about whether people who use the vulnerability will be punished. But, as we said before, if you are hurt by the bell or just want to buy a ton of katanas, you can do so at your own risk. Of course, if you are afraid of taking such risks, you can buy sufficient Animal Crossing Items from IGGM in advance to prepare for what may happen later.