Different types of Covid-19 Vaccines

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COVID-19 affected of billions people worldwide

COVID-19 affected of billions people worldwide, nobody's exempted even if you are poor or rich nor peoples power in the government or what, artist or citizens, even if you are baby or oldiest everyone will be affected.  한국야동

Many people will survive this kind of disease, when your resistance is high it is possible for you to be healed. But many people is not able to survive this disease especially when you are baby or senior citizen like that. Millions of people have already died.

Learn how the body fights infection and how COVID-19 vaccines protect people by producing immunity.

Nationwide enforced that everyone be vaccinated for your safety and also safety for the people with whom you come in contact. This is the list of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Pfizer-BioNTech people ages 12 years and older need 2 doses but for your second dos you need to rest for 2 weeks. After that you can be called fully vaccinated

Moderna people ages 18 years and older also need to 2 doses just like Pfizer.

Johnson Johnson's Janssen peoples 18 years and older but this vaccines is only for 1 dos. After 2 weeks you can be called fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccines will protect you from getting really sick if you are exposed or infected with the virus.

Everyone will please to take doses for the safety