He claims that NBA2K is nowadays an entertainment platform

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He claims that NBA2K is nowadays an entertainment platform

He claims that NBA2K is nowadays an entertainment platform. "Once once upon a while, it was a supplement to the experience, so if you go back to 2K22 MT when there was a lockout in 2011], it impacted us. But we went into the pandemic, and obviously, no basketball was being played, and we succeeded. We performed better than we did."

The enthusiasm of gamers will receive a test of kind when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game are launched. 2K Sports chose to release separate versions of the game, unlike many other titles. There's a risk with that particularly with the tiny customer base that are able to get a new system launch. Developers wanted to highlight unique features that are included in these games.

"The team was looking to create a new title from the ground up," says Zelnick. "We think it's absolutely extraordinary. The new experience is called the City which is The Park taken to another level. We aim to offer the most immersive simulation experience as well as the most enjoyable sporting experience that is culturally relevant. This is what NBA2K is known for."

Take-Two has plans to Buy NBA 2K22 MT do this with NBA2K but it's not as quick with its other best-selling titles. Grand Theft Auto V will be compatible with both new-gen systems. Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V will not be available until the second half next year.

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