The above is his RuneScape gold court submission

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The above is his RuneScape gold court submission over his situation'Jagex'.

The above is his RuneScape gold court submission over his situation'Jagex'. While permitting the jury to decide how much money he must be awarded (not, incidentally, this came anywhere near a jury before being thrown out) he 2nd request was that they eliminated the spat onto his accounts.

If you're anything like me, you have probably got a big grin on your face. You are also, possibly, shaking your head in disbelieve. I guarantee you this is not the Twilight Zone. This really happened!

What Do We Think? To put it differently, if he got muted in Runescape, it was probably well-deserved. This is the first case I've seen of somebody, while you can, of course, appeal a mute together with the programmer! The judge had the sense to throw out this as it rightly, probably deserved. What do you believe? -- Let us all know in the comments!

No, Runescape Muting Isn't a Free Speech Violation

It needs to be said, although it's obvious. A man's lawsuit has been disregarded by A Pennsylvania federal court of appeals against Jagex, the company behind the MMORPG Runescape. The lawsuit alleged that Jagex violated his free speech rights when he was muted from one of their games. According to Pennlive, the issue began in March 2019 when Amro Elansari of Exton was muted from cheap RS gold. Although the match is unnamed at the"largely handwritten" suit, it is highly suggested to be Runescape because of Elansari saying he had 2,000 hours"invested" in the match.

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