Melee Void is superior with weapons for example ags

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86 Fishing was the way I spent my time. I would sit, and OSRS gold camp sharks at the Fishing Guild and see a book or something out on the porch. I realize that's outside the window, but when someone could eyeball my abilities and let me know where I ought to be spending my energies today. . That'd be amazing. . and d-boots. My usual mage gear is mystic underside, verac's shirt, obby shielf, sol, arcane heartbeat, and. . idk. Before you crab , I usually only mage at Castle Wars where there are a lot of breathy melee and range kids who like to cut down me. I used to do Pest Control a whole lot, so I'll likely drop back there again. What should I do? A whole lot has changed! For Dungeoneering, here's what I'd do: Max prestige by resetting after doing all flooring. Be sure to notice if you will level up so you don't miss out on extra prestige. As soon as you get to the 59+ Dung range, you will start doing left handed two, which gives more exp than the previous needless to say. Then do 1-29 on c1 and 30+ on c6 5 guy larges (with 5-man problem ), therefore 5:5 larges in character. C means complexity, which determines what skills are used in the dung and what exp reduction you become.

Starts at 50% at 1 complexity all the way to no decrease in 6. Prestige is how many floors you did not repeat. Abandoned is the 4th motif flooring in dung. Starts at Frozen from flooring 1-11, Abandoned 1 in 12-17, Furnished at 18-29, Abandoned two in 30-35, Occult at 36-47, and Warped at 48+. Your purpose is to attain floor 36 which begins the highest xp per dungeon (depending off my adventures ). The 1-29 I said is the floors you do with sophistication 1, and sophistication 6 with 5 people in a sizable Dungeon on 5-man difficulty. Pay attention to the difficulty as soon as you are doing these flooring since it's always best to select 5.

Melee Void is superior with weapons for example ags, disorderly maul, etc.. However, if you're using anything weaker than a godsword, you are better off with Bandos and barrows gloves.

Void melee w/deflector and barrows gloves would be the highest it is possible to strike with a 1 handed weapon and buy RS gold the most precise