There are a variety of methods of leveling Fishing skill

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Let us get OSRS Fishing Guide bit detailed. There are a variety of methods of leveling Fishing skill. In this guide, you will discover about all of them which will permit you to OSRS gold pick one which you enjoy the most.

During Barbarian Fishing you obtain experience in both these skills which makes it an wonderful leveling approach. Equipping Dragon Harpoon during catching sharks or swordfish can boost up your catch rate by an additional 20%. Upgrading Dragon into Infernal Harpoon with smoldering stone will also give you 33% opportunity to cook a fish upon grabbing. If your goal is only 99 rather than max exp it isn't worth having Angler Outfit because it takes too long time for the reward being that small. FISHING ON F2P (FREE TO PLAY) In case you do not have RuneScape membership you can level your Fishing ability in these spots.

LEVELS 1-20. LEVELS 20-99. Trout and Salmon with Fly Fishing Rod and feathers. Recommended place is Barbarian Village. LEVELS 40-99. From level 40 you get started grabbing Lobsters with Lobster Pot at Musa Point (Karamja). LEVELS 35-99. Tuna and Swordfish using Harpoon in Musa Point port. That is best f2p spot for fishing coaching.

BEST WAY TO REACH 99 ON P2P (MEMBERS ONLY). LEVELS 1-24 SEA SLUG QUEST. Although this quest requires 30 Firemaking it's still faster to Old School RS Gold train this skill than to level fishing out of nothing. If you finish the Sea Slug quest it will help you get quick from 1 to 24 Fishing in just a few moments (or around an hour if you are beginning from 1st Firemaking level). That being said it is the fastest method at first.