Sea level rise will see a lot of big changes

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Sea level rise will see a lot of big changes

Sea level rise will see a lot of big changes. About 75 will cease to be the upper limit, once this update to take effect, the player will automatically assign a new level. Level will also be set up away from XP fixed amount, such progress is more valuable than the level of the current system. In the 10's progress in accordance with the level of 10 grade levels between the (unofficial) rocket League wiki, masters and legends take longer to approximately 15 times the semi-professional and professional. This is hundreds of hours of gameplay, players will not see changes in their names, essentially wasted, this could be an interesting system.

Once your level is tied to the level of development of the rocket pass system will be more valuable. Psyonix rocket Fortnite passage of time, beauty items to unlock as players progress through the levels. Each rocket passes will only be available for a few months, there will be both a free and paid version.

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