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This powerful defensive presence has defeated sides and bodes well for its huge derbies which are yet to be played.

The Spaniard was a monster in the center of the playground up to now from 2021 adding an excess layer of defence before the center backs, making the group even more difficult to break . The team has struggled to find the right partner at the center for Kourbelis however there's now real competition in this place.

Game Strategy:

This powerful defensive presence has defeated sides and bodes well for its huge derbies which are yet to be played. The Trifylli are taught to sit absorb strain and hit on the break. Again,ufabet123.com Boloni has confessed that scoring goals was a weakness and tailored to the game program to be able to bring about results. This game strategy was implemented closely against Aris - that the group only had 30 percent of the ball, scored off a set piece, preserved that a target scoring threat to the counter during the speed and youthfulness of this brand new look front three, also depended upon the brilliance of Dioudis involving the sticks (who had been my man of the game ).

Competition in Attacking:

There's now also real competition in attacking regions given the development of childhood. Fotis Ioannidis scored his first goal for the team and it was shown to be the game winner against Apollon Smyrni (on his name ), Dimitris Emmanouilidis put the match beyond doubt against Larissa and committed the goal for his late mother, also Argyris Kampetsis scored the game winner at the stressed win over Aris at a rare start, so vindicating Boloni's choice to launch him.

 The club was monitoring Ioannidis out of Levadiakos long before enrolling himmany fans such as myself thought the club allowing Emmanouilidis to combine Panionios to a season-long advance last year as we thought he was prepared to make a gap, meanwhile Kampetsis has been given a reasonable opportunity in the beginning side ever since linking two and a half years back, much to the shock of fans that have been calling for its former Borussia Dortmund youth product to acquire a sustained series of games.


 A similar motif has popped up here, together with the wily Romanian making the most of what's in his disposal by expecting the childhood. Other kids Alexandropoulos and Vasilis Zagaritis also burst on the scene since first team regulars under his view. Boloni has additionally become creative by alerting players previously on the periphery of both Giorgos Donis and Dani Poyatos. The classic case here is that the enigmatic Frenchman Yohan Mollo. Even the outcast had no potential in the Greens before Boloni's coming but has emerged as a jolt up right back into the lack of Sanchez and much more than holding his own, like Velez is at an unknown position.

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