I only play with a female character in matches if I can

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YES I was New Horizons Items obsessed with scary spice as a little kid but everyone made me like ginger and sporty spice shit. And my parents purchased me american girl books about samantha even though I enjoyed Josefina the best?!

It lacks a kiss button. The number of people who would probably dislike this into oblivion most likely outnumbers the amount of individuals who enjoy it.If I can customise my character in a game I always play as a very major man, frequently not white. I am a white girl, I just enjoy playing as someone who seems different to me. I do not try to recreate myself, that doesn't interest me.

There's likely some remark someone made in this thread encouraging this behaviour and obtained downvoted to shreds. Maybe.Yeah I'm like that. I can't wear makeup because I'd have to pre-blend a cover up every time. I move from"mainly white with dark hair" into"that girl appears mixed" throughout the year.

Hell, I only play with a female character in matches if I can. I'm a dude every single day of my own life and sometimes I need a little selection, maybe I wanna see a badass, take no shit woman in my games instead of a basic ass dude yet again. Seriously can't understand why people wish to gatekeep how a person enjoys their movie games/ttrpgs/whatever if its a form of escapism from real life, let me do my thing and have fun!

Who says you have to vainly make your villager look like you?? Maybe this girl has a tan?? Perhaps this girl INSTEAD designed her villager to be self invented or maybe a comic?Lmao, are there individuals who think buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells playing a shameful character is blackface? Better eliminate diversity from games afterward