The next generation of Madden 21 is here

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EA Sports’ Madden franchise has resolved many controversies in recent months, thanks to the slow launch of the current version of Madden, the lack of support for key game modes and the sudden increase in the price of the Madden Ultimate Team suit. . The new version was officially launched on December 3rd. Players can purchase Madden 21 Coins for many opportunities.

EA Sports promises to bring a new look to the next generation of Madden. In fact, it does contribute in many ways. The face scan of the next-generation Madden 21 looks better than the old face scan, as does the overall landscape inside and outside the stadium. In addition, EA added presentation graphics and added a new play call screen.

In terms of gameplay, the next-generation Madden 21 does offer some new changes. The running animation seems to be clearer, and the AI ​​positioning seems to be slightly improved. However, Madden's gameplay still has some very attractive non-running animations. We also found that sometimes AI still has the problem of identifying loose footballs after shaking, which will be resolved in the near future. If you need to buy Madden 21 Coins, please visit GameMS.

The franchise model has also remained relatively unchanged. However, it should be noted that since the release of Madden 21 in August, the current version of the franchise model has been extensively adjusted. In the past few months, EA Sports has introduced improved AI trading logic, NFL playoff bracket trees that can be found later in the season, Dev Trait return adjustments, and the ability to view the full list of players after the NFL season .

Many of these changes and additions are necessary, and these additional components have been ported to the next generation version. Thanks to the patch released in mid-January, EA Sports has also made more changes to the franchise model, and according to us, the new features are indeed promising. But need, compared with Madden's old version, the franchise model in the next-generation version is essentially a fax. Unless you plan to start a new Connected Franchise with friends on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, we recommend that you don't just get the new version in Franchise mode. Getting more Madden NFL 21 Coins helps players build the ultimate team that has always been ideal.