EA has fucked me for the last time

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EA has fucked me for the last time

Can we discuss the way the devs clearly spent time creating smart ass commentary when you bypass the halftime show than they did in building a bug free game.Sorry to Madden 20 coins port but this shit is actually ridiculous. Occasionally when kicking I don't even get a kick meter and just have to think as to when to kick, but every time that I skip the halftime show Brandon Gaudin has a few wise ass remark to state, and apparently and endless amount of them since in 120 hours of gameplay I've yet to hear the exact same one twice. That is fucking EA.

I dont give a fuck about how much time it takes or the fact that there are two dev teams working on these and they are not related. You guys who are commenting that are currently missing the point. The fact that EA spent any time needs to be a slap in mind. They don't respect you enough because they know you'll get it 21, to push out a bug game. So rather than paying people to fix bugs, they pay people and documenting shit commentary when you bypass their halftime show that is shitty. You may continue to obtain a shit product until you say something about it and truly stand up.

EA has fucked me for the last time and I'm not likely to continue to pay $60/yr for precisely the fucking game with bugs and features from a company that has no regard for their viewers. It ridiculous that a few of you are defending this business within this thread. Apparently I don't understand just how difficult it is to code video games and demanding to have a product that's fun to play without any glaringly obvious and insistent bugs makes me a fool. If it was in defense of EA, I swear some of you men would crucify yourself.

They take the time and effort (no matter how miniscule you may think that it is) to incorporate these cheeky ass comments when you choose to bypass a cutscene; INSTEAD of focusing that effort on something (such as game breaking bugs) to make Madden better (e.g. 4 out of 10 articles on this particular subreddit is about a few bug in Madden, videos of wacky animations or gameplay that simply should not occur, or there's maintenance on buy mut coins madden 20 one of those servers. Hell, Franchise continues to be down an whole week for some people.).

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