Plumeria colors and names

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plumeria colors and their names and where to find this colors

Most flowers are bloom! Especially the summer flowers. Plumeria simple refers to a flowering type of plant also called frangipani which is basically native in areas of the warm condition. Examples of this areas include Central America, Mexico, South America and more so the Caribbean. In most areas, the plumeria is referred as “the lei flower”. This plant is more affected by cold thereby their fragrant scent and the radiant color is mostly affected by these tropical conditions.

As patio is concerned, then the plumeria is an additional wonderful plant in the yard or the greenhouse. But this is only possible in the warm climatic region. Nevertheless, the plumeria flower is basically used in cemetery plantation due to their texture and appearance.

This plant is more so indigenous in the areas of southern Brazil, Polynesia, central and South America and more so The Caribbean. This flower known as plumeria is among the dogbane family and the Apocynaceae

Types of Plumeria colours

The plumeria is typically blooming waxy flowers which bloom only for nearly three to four months. This excludes the blooming and the popping of the new flowers. The plumeria basically exists as shades of yellow, white, purple, pink, red and not forgetting lilac.

Most of the plumeria plant may be incorporate of two or three different plumeria flower color or exist as hybrid due to Tran’s pollination within its extinct species. Plumeria leaves also are different in nature. This variety of the leaves exist due to petal thickness. In addition to texture, color, and the fragrant scent, the plumeria range widely from intense spice to coconut.

Uses of the plumeria

Basically, used in cemetery plantation due to their texture and appearance.

For extra information there are other breeds of the plumeria flower, this is breeds of the main plumeria pollen with other types of flowers. These flowers are the Klong plumeria 13, Solstice summer plumeria, Diva plumeria, Church Hawaiian plumeria and Heart flaming plumeria

Above are the color which may best your interior design. These colours are super cool and give the best appearance within and also outside the household. The plumeria colours specifically originated from the different types of flowers which exist in the universe. As seen above each plumeria flower comes from a specific color of the flower.

JacquelinesPen 2 years ago

I love plumerias. They are my favorite flower. Thank you for sharing.

Francine Labelle 2 years ago

I had never heard of this flower before but of course I live in North America, henceforth they do not grow here. Very pretty and delicate looking blooms.