We have been working on it for some years

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According to Reddit leaker PracticalBrush12, Diablo IV will fit the aesthetic of Diablo Gold, with gritty and dark environments that are a fair bit more dreadful than that which we were treated to in Diablo 3. The leaker says that players can look forward to surroundings which are"rarely set with corpses," and locales like"cult caves surrounded by storm," so it sounds like Blizzard is implementing a significantly darker tone using Diablo IV.

Diablo III would often throw a lot of creatures at you. It feels like the creature density in Diablo IV is less extreme. We would like to make a diverse play experience as far as you can, and critters are a part of that. We want situations in which you're killing hordes of creatures, but we want scenarios where you need to believe about, when is that overhead strike coming from the [enemy]? It really depends on the monster family, I would say. The monster households in the demonstration that you played probably are more toward what you've experienced. That is why you saw that. But we need that dominating everything type of feel.

Are you trying to tie loose ends from Diablo III's narrative? Or are you expecting to begin fresh? Story spoilers are one of those things we want to prevent the most. It kind of ruins the fun of the very first playthrough. I believe story is the one thing we can not really go too much into. But I think, in which they reveal the amount of space we are trying to build, there's a lot of land when you look at -- if you see the world panel.

Anything could happen. How do items operate that is unidentified in Diablo IV? Would you still must identify them? We're talking that. We have talked about a few different alternatives. As an example, as soon as you've identified it, and what should things are identified by you once, it drops as that merchandise? But we don't have a strong one way or the other yet. We are going to figure that out at some point in the future.The town portal site is a button again, like it had been Diablo III. Was there ever a idea of bringing scrolls back, or is that just a nuisance?

That's another conversation going on internally. We have been working on it for some years.How much new tech is there with the light in the game? It's a brand-new engine, brand new renderer, brand light tech. We have dynamic time of day that MMOxr occurs when you're at the overworld. We have dynamic time of day from the arbitrary exterior dungeons we are making.