Even though some may refer to it as classic

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Personally, I am OSRS gold against getting BXP weekends, since these events benefit mainly the people who stockpile enormous amounts of equipment to earn profit, while causing prices to rise that you end up barely saving any money from the incentive XP. Additionally, these events promote unhealthy gameplay and/or accounts sharing, because the XP multiplier never enhances to 1x, even after 10 hours. What's more, Summoning receives a bonus into actual XP gain, despite the great majority of time training Summoning being time used to collect charms (yes, the bonus is just 1.1x, but after 10 hours it makes no difference). Eventually, I dislike how these events are created with the aim to increase revenue during days where most individuals would otherwise cancel membership for school.

I'll likely wind up runecrafting, for it over with to the Karamja diary requirement. Also a different thing. I preferred that much more than BXP weekends, since it had a set amount of Potential XP and a very long time limit to use up that possible XP, as an outcome not damaging the economy as rewarding or much no-lifers/acc sharers more than ordinary players. I would prefer having events like that (but for all abilities, not just combat) more than BXP weekends.

Since it's been brought to many people's attention within the last month or so, freeplay, quite simply stinks. Mainly because the large number of bots and suck running a muck, making actually playing near impossible. I was freeplay two years back, and I spent nearly 2 years playing this, and it was nothing like what happens today. It boils down to one big change: free commerce.

But in all honesty, does freeplay need free trade? Consider the advantages of removing free trade to freeplayers: Less bots are ruining playing. Even though some may refer to it as classic, getting scammed would be less of an issue, and newer players would be less prone to fall for it.Do's -consistently give food when requested, you always receive your food in gd and of course they require more damage(demonstrated ultimately at gd, keyer consistently has"meat-shield award") this even means giving the last of your meals, hoarding food rather than sharing is a huge disgrace. Tools and cosmics asap, no money? Later buy whenever u get money. Make altar whenever most of team is out of pray. Gate without being advised to gate! It helps by huge amounts, and always watch for your key on keyers inventory, announce exactly what u gate if necessary. Always mention what doorways you discovered that aren't openable, if RS 2107 Gold u see a gd immediately do it. Constantly make baskets when advised, it will help a good deal.