Madden 21 Rising Stars Arrive

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 This is another "Wildcard Wednesday" for EA's Madden video game, which means that another random set of cards will be served to the Ultimate Team. On October 7th, the new promotion is "Maddy 21 Stars", a group of people who are considered to be game changers in the future. Among the upgraded cards are Derwin James from Chargers and Courtland Sutton from Broncos. Players only need to Buy Madden 21 Coins to immediately get the newly upgraded card.

The new "Madden 21 Rising Stars" is planned to be launched in the Ultimate Team, with Derwin James as the first player card. Since the beginning of September, the charger's safety has been in a state of injury, and there has been no competition this season. However, he has always been the featured star of his weekly live show Derwin James vs. The World. Every Tuesday night, his 10pm ET plan allowed him to accept new challengers in Madden, including hip-hop singers, singers and other celebrities. James tends to win, and tends to win big.

Players collect tokens by watching James and other shows every week. The net result of collecting a sufficient number of tokens is for three different players to trade with the highly rated Derwin James card in the series finale. Prior to this, game players provided him with a new upgrade item in "Madden 21 Rising Stars". Its main attributes include 89 speed, 90 jumping, 87 area coverage, 87 playback recognition and 87 awareness.

Along with James are Broncos successor Courtland Sutton, Ravens RT Orlando Brown and Steelers centerback James Conner. In addition, we saw another Tampa Bay Buccaneer player, Sean Murphy-Bunting, received a high rating on the second day of team member QB Tom Brady in Week 4.

How to get new player items
The latest Wild Card Wednesday promotion joins previous series including heavyweight and flashback. Players can purchase "Madden 21 Rising Stars" through the ultimate team auction house or gift packs in the store.

Each pack currently costs 3,800 Madden Training in the store and includes a random Rising Stars player. However, the Quicksell value of these cards is 3,600 training version, which is suitable for gamers who want to try to reinvest in other game packs, for whom they have the opportunity to purchase the game.

As one might expect, Derwin James bears the highest cost at the auction house, with MUTHEAD showing a price of 137,000 coins. If you don’t have so many coins, don’t worry, you can buy Madden 21 Coins at GameMS. Their fast delivery guarantees that you can get Madden NFL 21 Coins immediately.

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