The Easy Way to Achieve Your Goals

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We've all got goals, things that we wanna get done. Maybe it's getting into that university, starting our own business, or even finding a life partner. But for many of us, we don't really have a process or a system for achieving those goals. And so we never really get there. At least that's what's a famous billionaire and hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio says in his book Principles, which is what we're talking about in this episode of Book Club, the series where we distil and discuss highlights from some of the world's most insightful non-fiction books. So, if that sort of thing sounds up your street and you're new to the channel, and do consider subscribing. Anyway, in this video, we're talking about Ray Dalio's five-step framework for getting anything that you want out of life. Let's go for it. So firstly, to know where we're heading, we need to set clear and audacious goals. Ray says that when setting goals, we're often limited by our mindset. We tend to avoid going after certain goals because we feel that they're in some way unattainable. And instead, we stay well within our comfort zone to pursue goals we know we can achieve. I know I'll do this quite a lot, like if I'm deciding what goals to go forward and subconsciously, I will ask myself, is this realistic? And that will limit the kind of audacity with which I'll set my own goals. This is probably quite bad. And I'm trying to take our boys right advice about this, which is to completely separate the, is this realistic element from the setting goals in the first place. And in fact, this is exactly the same thought process that Tony Robbins famously used to set goals early in his career. He writes that, "I set aside all my limiting beliefs "and sat down on the beach with my journal.

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 "I wrote continuously for three hours, "brainstorming every possibility "of what I could ever imagine doing, being, having, "creating, experiencing, or contributing." The timeline I gave myself for achieving these goals was any time from tomorrow to the next 20 years. I never stopped to think whether I could actually achieve these goals or not. So, he writes about this in his book, Awaken The Giant Within. I'm actually going on holiday tomorrow. And so, I'm literally going to spend three hours on the holiday with a notebook to do this Tony Robbins goal-setting exercise. I'm gonna share the list with my email list. So, you can subscribe to my email newsletter if you're not already linked below. And then you'll know when I release that list, if it's something you're interested in. Okay. So at this point, we've got our list of audacious goals and now we need to figure out what problems we might get into along the way. As Ray Dalio says, "Most problems are potential improvements screaming at you. "But unfortunately, "many of us are afraid to highlight our weaknesses "because of ego barriers. "We find having weaknesses painful "because society has taught us "that having weaknesses is bad."

So the key here is that we want to be totally open with ourselves when setting goals and admitting exactly what our weaknesses are, rather than letting our ego hide them from us. For example, if my goal is to write a best-selling book, I need to ask myself what problems might I face along the way. And I need to own up to my weakness, the fact that I'm actually not that good at writing. And so, that is a skill that I need to admit to myself and then actively work on improving. Moving on to step three, now that we've got the goals and we've identified some of the problems, we need to diagnose their root cause. In the book, Ray Dalio highlights this point by saying that you will be much more effective .