Landing Page Optimization Just like a Marketing Agency?

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Landing Page Optimization Just like a Marketing Agency?

Once you've come up with a call to action, highlight it with the great landing page design. To do this, use the following rules:

1. Make it visible

Your CTA should be the first thing your viewer sees when they go to the page. The more visually distinguishable and understandable you make a request on the page, the more successful you will achieve your marketing goals.

Use contrasting colors for the button, because people are attracted to sudden changes in colors. I mentioned in article  7 of psychological techniques for creating successful advertising on Facebook that the best combination of colors is red with blue.

Also use indents to draw attention to your landing page.

2. Make people act

The best CTAs call for many quick reactions. Use short, generally accepted, action-oriented words.

Whether you like it or not, the vast majority of your online viewers are skimmers and scanners. The simpler the words you use to represent your question, the more they will resonate with your audience. The more action-oriented your CTA verbs are, the faster you will trigger responses.

Call to Action Example with Active Verb and Arrows

3. Explain why click on the button

Add value. After all, a person spends time on you. Explain why he should do this.

And yet - use only one CTA button on the landing page. If you have several goals, create a separate page for each of them. This will significantly increase the conversion of each page.

4. Remember the size

Your call to action should be visible. Therefore, make the button large to stand out, but not so large as to distract from the useful content on the landing page. Test the size of the CTA button in order to find the optimal sizes for your business, campaign and target market.
3. Placement and content
A. Put all the essentials on the first screen

People are lazy. They have little time. They are used to the fact that many companies are fighting for their attention. Therefore, add the juice to the first screen. It should be a squeeze out of everything that follows. Or a cool offer that your customers need.

Anatomy of an ideal landing page - all information on the first screen

In addition, do not place anything superfluous in the header. Forget about the sidebar, pop-up banners, and other ways to distract your visitors. Look at the example above - only the most important thing:

What is it? - An online course for entrepreneurs and marketers.
When? - The start of the program on July 3 at 19:00 in Kiev and Moscow time.
What for? - Title and subtitle, revealing the benefits to customers.

Are you sure your page converts perfectly? Maybe if you change the color of the button or the text of the call or the photo in the header, people will buy more? Find out through testing.

Also try different approaches to the landing page structure: placing blocks, pictures, videos designed by professionals. Watch how users study the page using special services and based on this, put forward ideas for verification.

C. Use pictures and videos that complement the text.

Text without pictures merges into one canvas. While the images attract attention. And especially the animation. For example, I can watch for hours on fire, water and a cool GIF in the article. And you?

And what is most important for an ideal landing page? Attract attention and increase conversion, for example,  using video . We often use this tool. Because video is the coolest way to convert online sales into personal sales. Place the video near the registration form - and the result will greatly please you:

Place the video near the form to increase landing page conversion