3 Tips to Use the BNPL Deal Wisely in 2022

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A bnpl deal can be a great financial tool and here’s how you can make the most of it. Read to know more.

BNPL allows shoppers to buy now and pay later. This is helpful for new-to-credit millennials and Gen Z since it increases affordability. They do not have to pay the total value at once, which eases the financial burden. The top digital lender offers funds up to ₹60,000 to facilitate shopping across different online sites. The amount can be repaid within the next 90 and 180 days via NEFT/IMPS. It is quite a beneficial product, especially during the festive or wedding season when you might have to purchase in bulk.

BNPL in India is growing in popularity. The short-term borrowing option starting at 0%* interest and flexible payback methods make it a suitable product for small-ticket purchases. You can optimise the BNPL deal with the following tips.

Plan your EMI

Have a structured financial plan to repay the borrowed BNPL amount. Calculate the EMIs first using the principal amount, tenure and interest rate. Now factor this into your monthly budget to be able to set aside a certain percentage to pay off the debt. This can help you avoid delays followed by penalties. You do not have to touch your savings or break your investments at the last moment to clear the loan. Timely payment is a great way to improve your credit score, which is a key qualification criterion to get personal loans.

Don’t Over Borrow

Users might be tempted to borrow a big amount since the interest rate is minimal. But this might not be easy to return if you do not have enough solvency. So, it is a good idea to calculate exactly how much you would require. Check if you can clear the loan within the stipulated time frame. Consider your existing financial liabilities like education loans, credit card bills, house rent or insurance premiums. Once done, you can then download the buy now pay later app from Google Play Store or the App Store to get started. Apply for a reasonable and manageable amount to avoid debt traps.

Set Automated Reminders

This will help you avoid missed repayments. You can set up calendar notifications a few days before your due date. It will help you arrange for the EMI and clear it on time. The best digital lending company offers an auto-debit facility as well. The pre-set amount will get deducted from your account regularly without manual monitoring. This reduces the chances of human error and ensures a seamless borrowing experience.


Buy now, pay later, or BNPL is the most sought-after financial tool for young adults. The application process is quite simple, with almost instant approvals. You never have to miss out on exciting deals and offers online due to cash shortages. Know the charges involved and read the terms and conditions beforehand to make an informed choice.