How to refurnish the wash basin area of your bathroom

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The wash basin is central to the bathroom space, in that it is the area where one freshens up after returning from work, washes their hands, and wipes their face.

The wash basin is central to the bathroom space, in that it is the area where one freshens up after returning from work, washes their hands, and wipes their face. If your wash basin looks dingy, we have a few tips to help you enliven it.

#1 Spruce up the wash basin itself.

The wash basin is one of the key furniture elements in the bathroom, and it must be spic and span even after years of use. You can have it professionally deep cleaned to remove spots, buff over chips in the ceramic and remove lurking bugs or microbes. You can also clean it thoroughly yourself using hot water, brushes, and soap. However, it is best to install a new wash basin if you are opting for a bathroom rehaul, because even the most assiduously cleaned basin will still look worn out in a new bathroom.

#2 Get new towels.

The simple trick of getting new hand and face towels can make the plainest of wash basins look dramatically different. Old, fraying towels take away from the overall décor and a modern bathroom should have tastefully designed and highly absorbent cotton hand towels and face towels at the wash basin. You can stack a few face towels next to the wash basin while hand towels are hung on a hook or rack on the wall close by. Meanwhile, add matching bath towel sets for the shower area to offer a sense of visual continuity to the space.

#3 Get holders for items strewn about.

Nothing makes a bathroom and especially the wash basin area messier than items loosely strewn about. These include toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, shaving materials, hand soap, etc. They make the space look messy and make the wash basin cumbersome to clean. Get holders for dental cleaning materials, a separate matching case for shaving items, and a ceramic or plastic hand soap dispenser to replace the bar of soap sitting on the wash basin rim. Now stand back and be amazed at how neat the space looks.

#4 Use the space under the basin judiciously.

The space under the wash basin is almost always a ‘dead space’ since there is not much you can do with it in terms of installing furniture. But it is ideal for creating storage – you can stow away a linen basket for used clothes, a trash can, and even a small basket to keep cleaning materials. Take care to create a cabinet or shuttered space under the wash basin to keep these items hidden from view.

#5 Change the lighting conditions.

One of the best ways to spruce up the wash basin area is to change the light above it. Most bathrooms have a small light above the basin, which can also be the primary light source for the room. Though white light is recommended for the bathroom, you can choose a softer variant with a yellow bulb. An LED bulb is the best option, since it saves power and gives better illumination than ordinary filament bulbs.

#6 Add a touch of green.

Finally, add a small potted plant on the wash basin to make the space look prettier and homely. You can buy an indoor plant that can withstand higher humidity levels (the bathroom remains damp and humid after a shower, and during the monsoon season) and which can purify the air which eliminates the need to use chemical air fresheners. You can replicate the same plant in different coloured holders – place one on top of the toilet flush tank, one in the shower area and another on the windowsill.