Ducati’s first electric motorcycle races

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Ducati’s first electric motorcycle races

Ducati’s first electric motorcycle races

From the 2023 season, the Borgo Panigale motorcycle maker will be the only supplier of motorcycles for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, the electric class of the MotoGP World Championship.To get more news about ev, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

The prototype of the electric bike, coded V21L, is the result of a collaboration between the Ducati Corse team and a Ducati R D engineer led by Ducati eMobility director Roberto Kane, and was put on track by professional rider Michele Piro. A Ducati test rider who has evaluated the technical features and potential of Ducati’s first electric bike since 2013.Roberto Cane, Director of Ducati eMobility, said: Business type: Challenge both performance goals and very short timescales. For this very reason, the work of the entire team dedicated to the project is incredible, and today’s results reward us for the efforts of the last few months. Certainly not over yet. Sure, we know that the road ahead is still very long, but in the meantime we laid the first important “brick”. “

Ducati test rider Michele Piro: “Testing the MotoE prototype on the circuit was very thrilling as it marks the beginning of an important chapter in Ducati history. The bike is lightweight and already balanced. In addition, the first opening phase and ergonomics are very similar to those of a MotoGP bike. Without silence, I decided to limit the output to 70% of performance in this test. It was easy to imagine. “

The most important challenges in developing an electric racing motorcycle are related to battery size, weight, and range. Ducati’s goal is to make electric bikes available to all participants in the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, which feature high performance and light weight. The focus of the project is on weight reduction and power supply consistency during the race, thanks to the attention in developing a cooling system suitable for the purpose, in addition to improving performance.

Ducati’s experience at the FIM Eneru MotoE World Cup provides basic support for product research and development. The goal is to create a Ducati electric car for the road that is as sporty, lightweight and exciting as technology allows to satisfy all enthusiasts.