New World update fixes some issues to give players a better experience

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New World update fixes some issues to give players a better experience

Recently, Amazon Games fixed an issue that caused elemental enemies to drop many particles. The team also removed elemental particles as a reward for collecting elemental creatures and reduced the number of other resources players obtain from them to better align things with their number and frequency of their generation.

The team stated in a blog post that the original intention of these creatures was to make them challenging and infrequently encountered in New World. The way developers use them in practice causes them to become less dangerous and more frequent, which leads to an imbalance in the amount of resources they provide compared to primary sources such as basic plants and stones.

This update also returns the lost gardening New World Coins equipment to the game. Amazon Games explained that the device was inadvertently removed after the update incorrectly classified the kit as future content. If the player lost a garden armor before, there should now be a reward box containing a full set of armor in the player's inventory.

The problem that the jewelry crafting recipe cannot provide enough trade skills XP has also been fixed. The team explained that if players reach a new crafting level, it has recently reduced the amount of trade skill XP provided by lower-level items. Players will also find that the trading, moving and salvaging of furniture and housing items have been reactivated, and the issue that prevented players from filling purchase orders from local warehouses has been resolved.

Finally, Amazon Games said that the update lays the New World Gold foundation for server consolidation and includes war performance enhancements. If players want to obtain more powerful weapons and equipment in the game, it is very necessary to prepare enough New World Coins in advance. Any player can get cheaper New World Coins from NewWorldCoins, they provide perfect after-sales service!