How to buy a preview pack in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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How to buy a preview pack in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

In FIFA 22, the preview package is a very new phenomenon in Ultimate Team, which allows players to view all the specific items contained in the package before deciding whether to spend some hard-earned FUT Coins or FIFA points on it. Premium Gold and Premium Silver Packs are always available as preview packs, located in the Gold Packs and Classic Packs section of the store.

However, it is worth checking the Promo Packs section of the store frequently, because EA sometimes releases some BIG preview packs, the most recent being the Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack. If players want to know how to purchase a preview package in FIFA 22, they can continue to read the following to learn the detailed step-by-step process.

Select a preview package in the FUT store to preview its contents. Make sure that the package selected by the player can be previewed. After selecting the preview package, choose to watch or skip the preview animation. After the animation is over, the player can fully view all the items contained in the gift pack. At this time, the player will still not spend any FIFA 22 Coins or FIFA points.

If the player decides to buy a gift pack, please press the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen. After selecting "Buy Gift Pack", the player will get a prompt asking the player to confirm the purchase and choose whether to use FUT Coins or FIFA points. If the player decides not to purchase the pack, the player will see that the pack is still in the store, but it is now on the refresh timer. This timer must expire before the player can preview another package of the same type.

As long as the preview is still valid, players can still view the previous package again to browse the content and the option to purchase it. Finally, if the refresh timer is still active, the player can purchase it to display another timer, or wait for the timer to Buy FUT 22 Coins expire for another timer to appear. If players lack FIFA 22 Coins in the game, they can consult UTnice and spend a little money to purchase. They provide the best quality service!