How Chinese Takeout Boxes Are Made?

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The Chinese take out boxes, also known as the oyster pails or the Chinese takeaway boxes are popular for their unique shape and a high degree of utility that they offer.

The Chinese take out boxes, also known as the oyster pails or the Chinese takeaway boxes are popular for their unique shape and the high degree of utility that they offer. They are equally common in both the eastern and western part of the world. The Chinese takeout boxes are commonly seen at the takeaway of restaurants, at food stalls, picnics, and other public places. Where there is food, there are Chinese takeaway boxes. 

The Basic Shape and Structure of Chinese Takeout Boxes

The Chinese take out boxes have a unique and yet very practical design. They have a narrower base and they start getting broader as you move upward. These boxes are made with the help of origami shaped flaps which interlock and overlap each other. Most of the reputable custom packaging suppliers in USA use biodegradable material for these kinds of food packaging boxes. These overlapping and interlocking flaps result in a highly sturdy and leak proof box. 

The Chinese take out boxes are mostly made with the food safe material to make sure that they do not contaminate the food items which are carried in them. Mostly they are made with the BPA free material.

To ensure that the freshness and the taste of the food is retained for longer, these boxes have interlocking flaps at the top which close tightly together to give a semi sealed container. They may have a handle at the top to make them easily portable.

The Reasons behind the Popularity of Chinese Takeout Boxes

One of the most remarkable things about the Chinese take out boxes is that they can be converted into very handy plates. You just need to pull back the glued parts and you have a nice plate to eat in. You no more need to dig out your food from a deep container. 

This feature also makes the Chinese take out boxes one of the most suitable boxes for picnics. because it reduces the need to carry the extra plates along.

Moreover, the large capacity of this container makes it suitable for carrying a full meal for one or two persons. Although these boxes can be used to carry a huge variety of foods, they are most commonly used to carry the rice. Besides, They are also used for the noodles, the fried chicken, the fries and other huge variety of food items. 

Since these boxes are food safe, you can put both the hot and cold food items in these containers.

How Can You Customize the Chinese Takeout Boxes

The Chinese take out boxes are highly customizable. You can get them made in different sizes. Moreover, they support all sorts of printing. Get your logo printed on your Chinese take out boxes in style. 

They also support all kinds of advanced printing options. The advanced features like embossing of the logo or raised ink or the spot UV and the gold or silver foiling are all supported well by the Chinese take out boxes.

These boxes can even be laminated in the final coating of your choice.  You can give them a shiny look with the help of gloss coating. Or you can go for a matte finish. Besides, semi gloss finish and aqueous coating are also very popular choices. 

Moreover, you can add handles to your Chinese take out boxes for the easy portability. Most common types of handles used with the Chinese take out boxes are the steel handles. However, you can go with other sorts of handles as well. For example, you can go for the cut out handles or the rope handles.

However, no matter how you customize your Chinese takeout boxes, keep in mind that they are to be used for food items. Hence they should be made with the non hazardous, food safe material. Besides, going for the biodegradable stock options has many advantages. You not only do a favour to your planet but to yourself as well. People today prefer the companies using the eco friendly packaging material over those using the synthetic ones. Hence, you can earn the reputation of a responsible business by relying on eco-friendly material. Indirectly, it helps you increase your sales and earn customer loyalty.