The classic teams add some variety to PlayNow and prevent people

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The classic teams add some variety to PlayNow and prevent people

The classic teams add some variety to 2K22 MT PlayNow and prevent people from choosing three teams always. I love being able to pick from different times in the league. I have the following list of teams that must be included as part of the league. The Thunder team is my personal favorite from this list. The Russell Westbrook-Kevin Durant era's most successful team, and it deserves to be recognized. They were a formidable group which fought the Warriors in their prime.

Aesthetics NBA 2K does an excellent job in replicating NBA arenas in the game. It's remarkable to see the amount of effort made to ensure that arena seating, hardwoods and logos are perfect. It would be a welcome addition to have 2K Sports add new locations in the PlayNow mode. In previous games 2K Sports had included locations that were not basketball arenas. Rucker Park was featured in one of the first games in the series.

These kinds of places bring an interesting flavor to the game. It can get boring to view the same visuals over and over again when playing. These arenas don't have to be related to basketball. Unusual locations can add some variety to the sport. G-League Teams - The G-League's significance has grown in the last few years. G-League is now a highly competitive minor league. Five different teams have won the G-League championship in the previous five years.

Additionally there is evidence that the G-League has increasingly played a role in young players using the G-League as a stepping stone into the league. We've seen players such as Pascal Siakam take advantage of the G-League to build their skills as a player prior to Buy NBA 2K22 MT becoming a regular, rotation player. 2K Sports has included the G-League into earlier games. In NBA 2K19, the G-League was one of the steps on the way to the NBA for the MyPlayer. The most recent usage was satisfactory, however 2K Sports can use the G-League better.