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When we hear the word “sewing kit”, you can easily think about your grandma’s old biscuit tin container filled with needles and threads.

12 Important Things You Should Place In Your Sewing Kit

When we hear the word “sewing kit”, you can easily think about your grandma’s old biscuit tin container filled with needles and threads. Or else, you think about the cheap sewing kit you can buy at your local general merchandise store.

These are the sewing kit that you can have at home when you accidentally tear your pants and you don’t have any spare to use for work. For your grandma or family, a few needles in pincushions, small pair of scissors, a number of threads in back, white, dark blue, cream, and brown are all you need to place to complete a sewing kit. Most people think so too. But, these things are only good for hand sewing kit and mending torn clothes at home.

If you are serious about being a successful tailor or fashion designer, you need to have a professional sewing kit. The tool kit should include all the things you need in sewing. With the right tools you will make creative designs without any limits. Sewing by hand or sewing by the use of a sewing machine will be fast and easy with the use of the right tools from the sewing kit. Purpose of a Sewing Kit There are countless reasons for you to get yourself a sewing kit.

It is not a fad or a decoration to place in your sewing room. The sewing kit is actually a useful tool for anyone planning to be serious about making money out of theair beloved hobby. The first purpose of the sewing kit is to contain all handy things in one place. Many professional tailors and fashion designers have sewing kit with a design like the regular carpentry tool box or makeup storage. The second purpose of the sewing kit compartments is to make your sewing room or sewing area organized.

Cluttered threads, tape measure, scissors, and other useful accessories such as beads, sequins, buttons, laces, etc. will no longer be found on the floor. You can easily spot what you need and return what you do not with the use of sewing kit. The final reason for putting up a sewing kit is for easy portability. A sewing kit is useful for traveling or anywhere where there’s work or project.

A portable sewing kit is also matched with a portable sewing machine. The Professional Sewing Kit Now that you’ve learned about the importance of the sewing kit, you can now create your own kit. A professional sewing kit is not your ordinary “grandma” thread-and-needle container. It has more sewing supplies needed to make creative clothes and stuff. The following should be in your very own sewing kit:

  1. Thread. There’s NO need to explain further why thread is important. Without thread, you cannot simply sew anything at all. There are various thread colors you can choose from to place in your sewing kit. As mentioned earlier standard sewing kits only have basic colors (black, white, brown, cream, and dark blue). While basic colors are important, in a professional sewing kit, you should have as many colors as you can place in your kit. The more colors you get is the better chance for you to familiarize various colors. Apart from colorful threads, you must also purchase and place invisible threads. Invisible threads are useful if you run out of a particular colored thread.
  2. Hand Sewing and Sewing Machine Needles. Again, needles need not to be explained either. Even children know what needles are for. You just need to place needles of different sizes and lengths in your kit. The purpose of this is that different size and length of needles will adjust to the type of clothes or stuff you are creating. For example, if you are sewing a denim pants, you are expected to choose larger and sturdy sewing machine needles. It will be hard to make or mend denim by hand. It will take ages to do that
  3.                                                                   Pincushion. A pincushion is great addition to your sewing kit. They are cute because they come in different shapes and design. The most commonly used one by the old ones is a red tomato with sand-like feel inside the cushion. Today, with the advancement of technology, people now use a magnetic pin holder as alternative to pincushion. It serves the same purpose as your pincushion, to organize and place your needles and pins in one place.                                                                                                                4. Measuring Tape. A measure tape for adults and children should be in your kit, especially if you plan to sew clothes. Measuring tape is a must-have for all sewers because they provide specific measurement of one’s body. Measurement will always be part of a professional sewers life, so it should always be present in your sewing kit.                                                                                                                                5. Buttons, Zippers, Snaps, and Other Fasteners. A sewing kit must-have includes a lot of these fasteners. They will come in handy in cases of emergencies, when you need something repaired.                                                                                                        6. Washable Marking Pens. Also known as the Fabric Marking Pens, they are suitable to mark any types of fabrics. To be able to measure accurately, use a temporary marking pen on get it right. Cutting fabrics and other materials will also be very easy with the use of a washable marking pen.                                                                                                                     7. Fabric Shears/Sewing Scissors. Standard scissors can be placed in the sewing kit as it can cut other sewing materials. However, you must have fabric shears and sewing scissors too. It can cut harder fabric materials that ordinary scissors cannot do. You usually see tailors use large, metal scissors. In this time and age, you can now choose various designs of sewing scissors.                                                                                                                                    8. Straight Pins. Round-head and flat-head pins should be in your kit. They both make great pinning materials, although most sewers prefer the round-heads. Round-headed pins also come in different colors. Flat-headed pins are all-metal from head to tip.                                                                                                                                                      9. Needle Threader. A needle makes sewer’s life easier and stress-free. Trying to poke in thread to your needle is absolutely tough. Placing thread through the eye of a needle will be fast and easy with the use of a needle threader. Have it in your sewing kit now.                                                                                                                                                                   10. Thimbles. The thimbles serve two purposes. The first is to protect your fingers from the needles. Needles have pointy ends and every sewer prone is to pricks or cuts caused by using a needle. To avoid pricking, finger thimbles are used. The second and last reason is that it can assist you to get the needle passed through a thick fabric. Place a thimble in your finger and push the needle forward without worrying about getting pricked or cut.                                                                                                                  11. Seam Ripper. If you need to remove seam, it should be using a specialized tool. A seam ripper should be part of your sewing kit to make your life a little stress-free.                                                                                                                                     12. Container/Box/Kit. The most important thing to prepare is your sewing materials’ container. It can be anything available as storage for your materials for sewing. You can choose a basket or even an old baby bag. However, there are specially-made sewing supplier holders or sewing supplies containers available in the market today. Grab these 12 essential sewing materials now. Place it in a fashionably designed container and you will have an easier means of spotting your things.
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This was a great post. I've been sewing for years and have never created a portable sewing kit. Until NOW! Thanks so much!