Why Are Drug Discovery Screening Services Crucial?

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There have been countless efforts taken till now and numerous efforts are still in process to contain diseases. Today, we have tremendous speed at which therapeutic drugs are getting discovered. Still, the drug discovery processes are getting accelerated and that leap can be attributed to various aspects along with drug discovery screening services.

Drug screening along with other drug discovery chemistry services helps CROs clear drug candidates faster. Drug discovery screening solutions help in identifying drug compounds quickly and efficiently to advance them to the next stage. Let us have a look at the distinct screening approaches and their significance in drug discovery.

Phenotypic (whole-cell) screening: Phenotypic screening determines and assesses the effects of potential drugs on cultured cell lines (in vitro), isolated tissues/organs (ex-vivo), or whole animals (in vivo). This type of drug discovery screening service primarily identifies molecules capable of attaining the desired pharmacological effect. It generates significant data that helps establish the therapeutic relevance of the drug much earlier in the drug discovery process.

Target-based (biochemical) screening: Target-based screening or biochemical services deals with testing the molecules on purified target proteins in vitro. This screening type is more hypothesis-driven, systematic, and rational than the phenotypic screening. It involves advanced molecular technologies and drug discovery biology services methods that depend on High Throughput Screening (HTS) techniques. 

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