Animal Crossing: The upcoming update of New Horizons will have what you are looking forward to

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have been waiting for the update for a long time, and finally got a reward in the recent Nintendo Direct. In November, Nintendo will release Brewster and Habitat with major updates. In fact, before the official announcement, there were many rumors about Brewster's upcoming arrival. So these are also expected by the players, it is not surprising.

However, the developer announced that the entire ACNH Direct will be held in October. This news shocked us a little bit. New Horizons got its first Direct before the release, and the development team explained every mechanism of the game in 27 minutes. Therefore, we can see some major news from New Horizons in the upcoming Direct.

Getting the full Direct of New Horizons, rather than trailers or blog posts definitely means that we should expect big things from Nintendo. In addition, if Nintendo does not plan to make a major update, it will release a short trailer in Nintendo Direct. During Nintendo Direct, the developer announced that it will release the amiibo series 5. The Sanrio update was a huge success; therefore, developers are expected to release more amiibo cards to make more profits. But what is unsatisfactory is that Nintendo has not announced any cards, but we may hear some news in the upcoming Direct.

They will introduce new characters from previous titles or some popular characters into ACNH. The fence customization function has been data mining before Brewster. Therefore, the probability of obtaining the fence customization function is very high. Last but not least, Nintendo may add some new crops to the game. So far, all data mining reports have come true, and getting more game crops is one of the functions of data mining in the past.

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