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Cancer Screening from Manhattan Primary Care

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Cancer is a major cause of illness and death worldwide, and here at Manhattan Primary Care, our primary care physicians NYC focus on prevention and prompt detection. Our goal is to check for early signs of cancers, when the disease is frequently more treatable and which allows for a better long-term prognosis. A screening will check your body for cancer, sometimes before you develop symptoms. You should always consult your physician to determine the appropriate screening tests and intervals. Guidelines change and your doctor will customize the recommendation to your specific case to keep you in good health.

Regular cancer screenings can find colorectal, cervical, breast, prostate, and lung cancers early when treatment can be more effective and potentially less invasive.


Usually, colorectal cancer develops from small polyps found in the colon or rectum. Regular screening can detect these polyps, removing them before they become cancerous. Regular screenings usually begin at age 45 (or earlier based on risk factors). Please speak with your doctor about the appropriate screening regimen as guidelines change and your doctor will need to investigate your risk factors before making a recommendation.

You might need to be tested earlier if you have a family history of:

- Colorectal cancer
- Inflammatory bowel disease
- Genetic syndrome that increases your risk

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