NBA 2K21 Is On Next-Gen Consoles While 2K Spews Vague Nonsense Around"Value" Cover Image


NBA 2K21 Is On Next-Gen Consoles While 2K Spews Vague Nonsense Around"Value"

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NBA 2K21 Is On Next-Gen Consoles While 2K Spews Vague Nonsense Around"Value" has not posted anything yet
Start date 08-21-20 - 04:18
End date 11-20-20 - 23:59
  • Description

    I thought about submitting the story to this last night, but got busy. This may only kill consoles for me personally. In Canada games are currently 79.99 + tax. In Ontario, that brings games. If costs go up, that means games will probably be $100. If I want a steelbook edition, I'm looking at nearly (going by regular prices) $150. Then if they want to do a ton of add-ons or DLC? It's unacceptable. Since salaries are stagnant, and we're in the center of a pandemic.

    I had a hard time justifying $30 for No Man's Sky throughout the Steam Summer Sale. Happily NBA 2K21 has been entertaining enough that I feel it was worthwhile. At $100? Hell no. Hopefully this is just Take Two being greedy fucks, however I suspect that due to how well sports games market (because people seem to delight in these copy and glued yearly releases) other publishers won't be long to follow.

    Lso, em, if they raise the base game price, you bet that they will raise the expense of expansions and DLCs to reflect the bottom price. Gon t create matters much more pricey and decrease names people would be able to afford. Playing on PC is much more economical it's not even funny anymore. Turns out a software marketplace drives prices down to essentially free. Who knew that would work. That depends upon if you have a good machine, although it is cheaper to buy.

    You don't need an expensive PC to play with most games. And it's cheaper justifiable if, like a lot of people, you want to use a pc in your lifetime. I assembled my PC 8 decades ago and at that time I bought some RAM, a hard drive, and replaced the video card after. It plays the latest games at high graphics and high framerate.I just altered my Gen 1 i5 last year and the GPU is due an upgrade today. My PS4 was a big regret purchase when I got it performed with Killzone Shadowfall exclusively. Then I didnt find anything I liked on the system until Horizon: God of Spiderman and War, Zero Dawn. It been a mediaplayer.

    Consoles have become standardised PC hardware at a premium price. They beholden to Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo and their willingness to invest in servers which leads to D/l prices that are shitty. I incredulous and interested. As (at the UK atleast) the digital copies of Playstation games come almost exclusively throughout the PSstore meaning that the cost is always high unless they determine its sale period. That is making me wonder whether or not consumer watchdogs will begin to contemplate telling Sony etc, which they must allow alternative store fronts on the platform.

    There are many more I want to tell you, but time is limited. These views and ideas are all from this website, if you are interested, you can browse them in detail. URL: