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These monsters themselves also drop items

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    Lower Kurast (Act 3)Speaking of chests, there are plenty of them to be found in a certain Act 3 location, namely Lower Kurast. It's abbreviated as LK <a href="">D2R Ladder Items</a>. The farming technique used here might be useful for single-player session only, or offline, but would be worth a try.

    Since it is believed to be near the point of entry near the waypoint Lower Kurast, there are bonfires with communal huts. Along with huts, they're additionally surrounded by chests, or "super-chests" which contain high-level Runes. The opening of these chests typically results in some easy as well as good loot.

    "The Durance of Hate a.k.a. Mephisto the Run (Act 3)Despite all the possibilities, one of the best ways to maximize a farming run or farm spot in Diablo 2 is to keep killing bosses time and time again. Mephisto is one of them. He is a generous giver of goods. It's all thanks to the fact that he has a boss arena with various Other Super Unique Monsters.

    These monsters themselves also drop items. There are other monsters in the final section at the end of Durance of Hate. There's no need to complete the full course beginning with Travincal. There's a waypoint available in Durance of Hate for anyone needing to hurry.

    Forgotten Temple, Upper Curast (Act 3)One of the most widely used methods of farming is to discover the smallest area with easily-to-find treasures. You can then end the game to start every time <a href="">Cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected Items</a>. The most exclusive and unique units are the best. This is why you should get the most out of a Mercenary and travel to the Forgotten Temple.