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The difference between Afro Puffs

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    "It feels like these people reside really vacant lives devoid of actual relationships/careers/hobbies if they have the time and power to go so tough into something so insignificant.I've actually got an appointment on Friday with somebody who apprenticed together and now I am even more eager.

    I hate that you simply give Ian Miles Cheong a feeling of legitimacy in this and then go to discredit polygon. I haven't been around Twitter in weeks but I can't remember a single tweeet from him where people did not shake him for being a hack

    The difference between Afro Puffs and Space Buns is that the former specifically has curly hair involved, also derives from African-American culture. Space Buns are the Asian equal (you've probably most likely seen them on Chun-Li, but it's also typical in anime/manga).

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