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NO, PLEASE, STOP! I will be useful

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NO, PLEASE, STOP! I will be useful has not posted anything yet
Start date 03-05-21 - 08:46
End date 09-30-21 - 08:46
  • Description

    NO, PLEASE, STOP! I will be useful! Please allow me to live. What are you doing here. I had been hoping that I can get ashes out of them, letting us generate guards for my own castle, we began the war hoping about this, but we got you... Tell you what, you can keep this castle in the event you need it. Quest complete. 5000 in most combat exp. Ability to perform Ash Knight warfare. Mini Game. The idea is you have 4 castles that you every fight for. Every castle contains 5 guards that are gamers. 100 ash knights that regenerate around your castle. They all have a different colour that is randomly given to each group and one dragon that is utilized by one charecter.

    The Dragon resembles the king, but he can fight around by himself, but every knight will want to kill him unless someone is in their way. Once a Dragon is murdered their staff will be given points based on what time they dropped. 3rd 20 points. Here are the things you'll be able to get... Ash knights armor- each parts are 10 points. Blue dragon soul armor- 100 points. Red monster soul armor- 200 points. Black dragon soul armor- 400 points.

    The Ultra Soul Armor makes you a black dragon in real world, but it's more or less just for show, for it's just like your usual attack in harm as well as your dragon fire is similar to a standard assault. THE ARMOR The stats aren't that good as to the fact as they're just for show and the mini game, They do not offer any stat benefits in any way, and if you try to use normal armor at the standard world you receive a message which says"Sorry, you can not use this at the real world". As for what the armor looks like, it's just a vest with Dragon wings on it. The ash knight armor every part gives you - 1000 in each stat (yep, they are bad) They have a greyish appearance, not iron gray, more lighter then that.

    If you want to know more about RS, you can visit