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So I log on today and try to chat

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So I log on today and try to chat has not posted anything yet
Start date 02-19-21 - 08:16
End date 05-31-21 - 08:16
  • Description

    If you're able to get 67 dg and eventually become a member then sure. Anyone know how long it can be 67-83 dg? 83 since I have Bonecrusher and Split D tooth necklace, Totaling 42k tokens or 420k extra xp I want for CR. Soloing smalls, discovered it works the best for me personally (I keyed a 49 minute large:P) You did the large with a group? How much xp/h do you get?

    I died 6 days, 1 from keying since I ran from prayer and 5 times on the boss since he could 2 struck me easy and lower my defence to about 30 readily in the very same attacks. I would have gotten about 26k since I got 13k and I think 6 deaths in -50%. And. . Right?

    So I log on today and try to chat, and am given a message saying"You have been temporarily muted due to breaking a rule. This mute will remain for a further two days. To prevent further mutes please read the rules." Now I logged off at 11:58 EST last night, after finishing my Black Demon job, and doing almost all of my Spiritual Mages actions, in solitude with nobody else about. I didn't talk in public or in clan chat. The only places I talked were in Sal's friend chat and on Skype (irrelevant).

    If you want to know more about RS, you can visit