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Taoist Funeral Package by Eternity Funeral
Taoist funeral package by Eternity Funeral encompasses Taoist backdrop, Taoist priest chanting, decoration at the casket arena, and much more. Based on their extensive knowledge of Taoist funeral services, they are flexible enough to adapt practices that suit the need of all Taoist families. Visit them now!

Taoist Funeral Package - Eternity Funeral
Eternity Funeral has specialized advisors who are cultured with Taoist customs irrespective of linguistic difference. Their dedicated staff will perform all the traditions associated with Taoist funeral at a normal price of $6,500 for a 3 days funeral stay. Visit them now!

Repatriation Service Package - Eternity Funeral
Repatriate your loved one with the cost effective repatriation package by Eternity Funeral. Their charges start at $2,000 and may increase depending on the number of days the service is offered and the distance covered during repatriation. . Visit them now for more details.

Repatriation Services in Singapore - Eternity Funeral
Eternity Funeral is one of the leading funeral solution companies in Singapore with the widest and strongest experience in repatriation services. They coordinate with airline companies, funeral directors & government offices in order to repatriate the body smoothly and with the highest dignity. Visit the website now!

Non Religious Funeral - Eternity Funeral
Eternity Funeral prides themselves in providing optimal non-religious funeral solutions with topnotch respect to the families in Singapore. Their funeral package is inclusive enough to accommodate all the services you will need to carry out funeral processions without any problem. To know more, visit the website.


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